30 Minute Deployments on Azure

During the Sitecore Symposium keynote last week, Jason St-Cyr demonstrated how easy it is to get an instance of Sitecore up and running in Azure PaaS.  He stepped us through Azure's set-up wizard.  A few configurations, create a few passwords, and you're up & running -- A round of applause from the keynote audience. 

The next morning at the conference breakfast, I figured I'd give it a try -- to see if it was really that easy.  It took less time to set-up a full instance of Sitecore XP with SXA than it did to finish my powdered conference eggs & bacon.  And, I'm a marketing guy! 

Here's a quick run-through of the step-by-step. 

And that's it.  Azure will churn away for about 30 minutes and then you've got yourself a fully functioning Sitecore application.  The example above is a medium instance of Sitecore XP with SXA installed as a module.  That level (XP3) is expected to handle between 200K and 1M visits per month.  Pricing for that looks something like this...


Azure references this Sitecore knowledgebase article for some intel on sizing your Sitecore implementation. 

You rarely see something this complex presented to the end user in such a simplified way.  Azure's has become our go-to option for hosting.  We expect that trend to continue.