Using B2B firmographic data to build an intelligent view of your customer

The B2B Marketer’s Challenge

  1. Do you employ a B2B sales model?

  2. Do you have different offerings for different industries and company sizes?

  3. Do you spend budget on demand generation services like Google Ad Words and industry specific advertising?

  4. Are you able to collect business-level information about your website visitors?

  5. Are you able to use that information to tailor your product/service offerings and personalize your content?

  6. Are you able to deliver information rich and consistently qualified marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to your sales team?

Most marketers that we talk to answer yes to the first three questions, and struggle with the last three.

It’s very common for B2B marketers to spend significant budget on targeted keyword advertising for a time, before they cancel the initiative, citing no return on the effort. In many of those cases, the marketer has no mechanism to identify the web visitor’s company, industry, size or location. They’re forced to provide generic messaging to the visitor, and just hope that the visitor can find their way to the offering that fits their needs. The result is often underwhelming.

What if you could build a profile starting with your visitor’s very first click?

The Bonfire KickFire Module for Sitecore 9



KickFire's IP address intelligence & B2B firmographic data allows you to translate IP addresses to companies, identify anonymous web visitors, and integrate account data into your technology stack – all based on a company's IP address.


The Bonfire KickFire Module enables B2B marketers to use the KickFire B2B intelligence service directly from their Sitecore 9 platform. The module delivers business firmographic data and personalization options directly from Sitecore.

If you employ a B2B sales model and aren’t getting enough MQLs from your web traffic, consider this…