Customer Experience is a Journey

Customer experience is a journey. Many think that it's a journey of absolutes; where execution follows planning and predicted results are a function of following the plan.  Many view customer experience work like they would an engineering project, where things are consistent, repeatable & predictable.  That's rarely the case.  

Customer experience is, in fact, a journey of exploration and continuous learning.  The marginal growth rate of change and complexity within the digital marketing space continues to accelerate.  This condition makes old-school static marketing plans less relevant after launch. 

Customer experience is a journey... It requires a clear understanding of current state (where you are) and a picture of your target state (where you want to end up).  Your in-the-moment view of today is based on the information you have today.  That is constantly changing, so how you approach the journey to the target state will continually change.  

Today's digital marketer must be aware that they're in a marathon -- not a sprint, but a series of sprints.  An effective marketer thinks big-picture at the same time they are executing on realistic short term plans.  Agile marketing concepts apply here.  Today's digital marketer relies on intuition, develops hypotheses and creates experiences based on those hypotheses.  There's continual revision and adjustment based on what is learned along the way.    To use a yachting analogy, steer early, steer often.  

At Bonfire, we employ a systematic process to develop and deliver integrated customer experience programs.  We work with a number of modern systems to deliver the customer experience across multiple channels.  We work as an embedded part of your internal marketing team, executing on the tactics that roll-up to the defined digital & strategic objectives.  We do this together, so that we can both learn along the way and improve.