Customer Experience Optimization

86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience
— CEI Research

Today's customer looks dramatically different than they did just a few short years ago. They're independent and increasingly sophisticated.  They place more value in recommendations from their trusted peers than from the companies selling to them. They're hyper-sensitive to friction during the buy cycle.  They value authenticity and can see a thinly veiled marketing pitch a mile away.  They're loyal to less brands, but extremely loyal to that brands that earn it. They're vocal!  They're in-charge of their buy experience.  

Not all organizations have been able to keep up with this change in the customer engagement.  As a result, many organizations are slowly becoming less relevant to their legacy customer base and having increasing difficulty in attracting, connecting with and converting new prospective customers.  The pace of change continues, with no end in sight.  So what's an organization to do?  

Organizations that excel in today's customer-centric world typically possess a number of common traits. 

  • They know their market, their customers and how they make their customers' lives better -- how they help.
  • They build a program of messaging and customer experience points that are designed to build the connection between the brand and the customer.  
  • They leverage a blend of digital tools to ensure that the customer experience is delivered consistently and that they have the necessary view into that experience. 

At Bonfire, we employ a systematic process to unlock the inner genius within the organization, craft the message & the experience, and deliver it in the context of the customer and where they are in the customer journey.  We work with a number of modern systems to deliver the customer experience across multiple channels. 

Customer experience is not a fixed project with start & stop dates.  It's a continuum that can be judged with a maturity scale.  In Sitecore projects we employ their formal Customer Experience Maturity Model.  Regardless of the scale it's important to understand that it takes a proven process, discipline to the program and the correct blend of tools to advance through the levels of engagement.