Hiding the Timeline in the Experience Profile

File this under pet peeve.  I use the experience profile a lot.  We have a company lookup module in our Sitecore instance and I keep tabs on the companies that visit our site.  The problem is, every time I scroll past the timeline the scroll focus changes from the page to the timeline.  I like the timeline when I'm digging into a particular visitor, but most days I just want to get to my experience profile tabs.

Here's how you default the experience profile timeline to closed.

1. Open the \sitecore\shell\client\Applications\ExperienceProfile\Contact\Contact.js file.

2. Find this line:
this.TimelineToggleButton.set("isOpen", true);
and replace it with this one:
this.TimelineToggleButton.set("isOpen", false);

3. Find this line:
and add the following line under it:

4. Save the changes and clear your browser cache.

There's an issue with the architecture of the Timeline control. It should be visible while it's initializing to set its size properly. That's why this timeline is opened by default. Until that gets resolved, the attached contact.js (saved as zip) will provide a workaround.