How to build a bonfire

I love a good fire.  There's few things better than enjoying a healthy fire after investing the time to start & grow it.  Building a healthy fire, to me, is akin to growing a business or entering a new market.  There's one-time set-up effort needed before you can strike a match - gather your wood, make a fire-pit, lay the kindling & tinder... Then there's the high risk side of getting the fire started.  Place the kindling sloppily or get an unlucky gust of wind and you get to try it again.  Once you get a fire lit you have to take great care in building the fire.  It's still young and rather fragile. Place your logs carefully - make sure that you have sufficient air and room for the fire to breathe.  Do that, and you can get lift from the prevailing breeze.  Group your logs sloppily, clustering them on top of one another, and you can expect cold spots in the fire… Wood that never burns completely, and a weak fire.  Once you have a strong fire you can sit back & enjoy the fruits of your effort.  You can even ignore the fire for a while, as you've built a strong base that can run itself.  Careful though, ignore it too long & you'll move back a step or two. A healthy fire - a bonfire is reason for celebration.  It's an awesome, inspiring sight to see.  It galvanizes its audience.

Does that sound a little like building a business or connecting with a new market?  It does to me.  

Running a business, building a brand, making & sustaining a solid connection with your customers is a lot like building a bonfire.  It' a continual effort.  The landscape is always changing.  It can be a lot of work.  It can be very rewarding.  

At Bonfire, we help organizations create more meaningful engagement with their customers.  We help create awareness, then engagement, then action.  We do this continually, sparking new fires (customers) along the way, building on the bonfire that’s built and spreading through new customers' networks.  Bonfires are genuine conversations grown through networks that get people to care. 

Note: Bonfire launched January 1st, 2015

It's time to build a bonfire.