MarTech 2017

The MarTech conference (May 9-11) in San Francisco is a fantastic learning, inspiration and networking event for those of us who live with one foot in marketing and one in technology.  In my experience, the MarTech conference has a good blend of strategy/design sessions and marketing operations (how-to) sessions.

We're having conversations with existing Sitecore customers at the Martech conference about customer experience maturity and how Sitecore XP impacts that journey.  A few discussion topics.   

#1.  What are you doing to shift your organization's lens from a static content management view to a dynamic customer experience view?  What steps are you taking to 'walk the walk'?   

#2.  As you get comfortable with the Sitecore XP feature set, how are you considering the retirement of various point solutions (e.g., personalization, testing, automation, email) in favor of native Sitecore functionality?  

The conversation is a two-way street.  We'll share our perspective, based on our specific project experience and our view of Sitecore customers across a number of industries.   

Wanna talk?  Coffee's on us.