Sitecore account based personalization

We're bullish on the power of Sitecore experience marketing for B2B brands and are about to release a module in the Sitecore Marketplace to help with account based personalization.  We're looking for a couple of B2B brands that would like early access to the module in exchange for helping us with a little bit of beta testing.  Here's an overview of the module functionality. 

IP lookup & business info append

Our module catches visitor IP information, routes to a service for business contact and firmographic data, returns that data to xDB and formats it for use within Sitecore XP.  We collect: 

  • Company name, website, corporate address
  • Employee size range
  • Revenue volume range
  • Company industry grouping (from SIC code) that aligns with your markets

This information is injected into the xDB as a new company tab within the experience profile. 

Profile based personalization

Key firmographic data like region (location), employee size range, revenue volume range and industry grouping is associated with pre-built Sitecore profiles and profile keys.  We add the firmographic profiles and keys as part of the module.  We also add a starter engagement plan -- enough functionality to get you started.  

Use case

So, here's a theoretical use case.  Let's say that 3M manufactures film & tape products that are used within automotive, electronics and food processing markets.  Giant Eagle, a grocery retailer visits the 3M site.  Using the Sitecore module, 3M can identify Giant Eagle as a $1B+, 10K+ employee company within 3M's food processing market focus.  They can dynamically personalize the Giant Eagle on-site experience and add them to a food processing specific engagement plan.  

beta testers

If you're a B2B brand that is looking to get into account based experience design, we'd love to talk.  If you'd like to beta test our Sitecore module we'll help with the installation, profile configuration and get you started with your first set of personalization and engagement plans.  All we ask for in return is access any bug information and feedback on the product.  Oh, here's a potential rub.  We built this specifically for use with the xDB, so it's 8.x only.  If you aren't yet up to 8.x, you should be anyway.  And, we can help you with that too.  

If you'd like more information on our module and beta program please contact us below. 

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