SharePoint to Sitecore

SharePoint is a key part of many organization's technology stack. As one of Microsoft's fastest growing server products, you can find SharePoint in most mid to enterprise markets. And, some organizations bought into Microsoft's positioning of SharePoint as a suitable public facing web content management (WCM) solution. How'd that happen?

For many, SharePoint was selected because it was part of the Microsoft stack and a relatively inexpensive (so we thought) add-on to the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA). We regularly see organizations that have selected the 'full Microsoft stack'; SharePoint, Commerce Server, Biztalk, and sometimes Dynamics CRM.

Current state challenges

SharePoint is not a good solution for CMS and CXM. At this point, everyone (including Microsoft) acknowledges that. It's very difficult to brand. Content editors & marketers struggle with the content management process. There is no customer experience functionality. It has a 'heavy' infrastructure that isn't very optimize for speed at scale. And, Microsoft discontinued support for the 'public web' function in 2015.

Migrating from SharePoint to Sitecore

Conceptually, there is some commonality in the way that both SharePoint and Sitecore store and relate content. So, if you have a well architected (information architecture) public facing SharePoint site, much of that foundation can be used in Sitecore. Some example relations follow.

  • SharePoint content types ~ Sitecore data templates
  • SharePoint web parts ~ Sitecore components & renderings
  • SharePoint term store & enterprise keywords ~ Sitecore taxonomy
  • SharePoint search schema & settings ~ Sitecore Indexing Manager

An architectural understanding of both SharePoint and Sitecore is essential to designing a successful SharePoint to Sitecore migration plan.

Why Bonfire

We know both platforms. We've been involved with SharePoint since before it was SharePoint (Microsoft Content Management Server). We're SharePoint certified (MCSE & MCSD) and have over a decade of direct project experience. As a Sitecore Certified Solution Partner, we're also Sitecore experienced, since the 6.x release. We're a have Sitecore Certified Developers and business analysts that are Sitecore marketing trained.

SharePoint to Sitecore migration assessment

If you'd like to understand the benefits of migrating from SharePoint to Sitecore, let us know. If you'd like to understand the migration path, let us know. We're here to help.