Sitecore GoGuide

The Bonfire GoGuide for Sitecore is a structured program designed to introduce business users to Sitecore's rich suite of marketing automation functionality -- one of the primary reasons that organizations select Sitecore. The GoGuide for Sitecore is designed for the 85% of organizations that aren't yet taking advantage of this functionality -- Sitecore customers that haven't yet advanced past level two of Sitecore's Customer Experience Maturity Model (CEMM).

Through the GoGuide for Sitecore process, we begin with a strategic review of the organization and workshop. From there, we progress to a hands-on implementation of the customer experience functionality (previously DMS). Finally, we review the reporting together, tune the work and chart a series of next steps that are focused on quick wins that build on what we've implemented.

This is a first step project for organizations that have Sitecore, but aren't sure how to make use of the more advanced marketing features. Follow along for a deeper dive into the GoGuide for Sitecore.


Following structured strategic guidelines, we'll build out your organization's digital profile, using the Bonfire Sitecore GoGuide workbook. We'll introduce you to key strategic concepts and collect the necessary inputs. We'll review your current (or in progress) Sitecore site design, structure and content. We'll capture inputs along the way and deliver them to you in the form of the GoGuide workbook. Here's what you can expect during the strategy phase of the engagement.

  • We'll establish your organization's place within the Sitecore Customer Engagement Maturity Model (CEMM)
  • We'll document your organization's strategic themes
  • We'll develop 2-3 persona identifiers that provide a fingerprint of your customer
  • We'll develop profile and pattern cards that represent customer personas, using the identifiers from above
  • We'll explore & document desired outcomes of the site - We'll inventory 2-3 outcomes / goals
  • We'll explore the expected / desired visitor behavior on the website. From that, we'll arrive at a user journey that aligns with the customer life cycle / buy path.
  • We'll inventory & group site content and visitor interactions. We'll assign the relative value of visitor actions to your organization. The outcome of this exercise is an engagement value scale that drives engagement reporting and the executive dashboard.
  • We'll do a summary review of website structure and content and use that information to build out the framework of a content strategy map. This map will become a living document that may be used throughout the life of the website.
  • We'll explore strategic objectives, marketing objectives, goals and a handful of tactics that support and roll up to the strategic objectives. We'll likely capture a lot of tactics in the form of ideas that flow from group discussion. We'll capture them all and look to incorporate 2-3 tactics that roll-up into one strategic objective. This will be grouped into campaigns.
  • We'll inventory website content for implicit and explicit personalization opportunities. We'll review Sitecore's personalization management functionality and build a use case for implementing personalization in your website.
  • We'll brainstorm a dozen or so experiments that we can try out on the website; alternate calls to action, image variations, page layout variations, etc. We'll short list them down to 2-3 experiments that we can run and document the goals for those experiments.
  • We'll review Sitecore's engagement plan management functionality and use that knowledge to frame out a customer engagement plan that we can implement during this project. We'll set-up something like a newsletter sign-up confirmation or a quote request process, and use key functions of the engagement plan functionality.
  • We'll review our website analytics options; Sitecore Analytics, Google Analytics, etc. We'll review strategic objectives, documented website goals and assemble a short-list of key metrics that best represent the desired outcomes that we're working to influence. We'll set them in the form of an executive summary report and document a distribution list and frequency.

Hands-on Implementation

Your GoGuide process has helped tremendously to get everyone on the same page here with how we should approach DMS
— Digital Marketing Lead @ enterprise eCommerce brand

Armed with the findings from the strategic phase we'll put Sitecore's customer experience management functionality (previously DMS) into action on your site. We won't go back to the shop, set it up and then tell you how we did it. We'll work directly, hand-in-hand with your marketing team to implement the Sitecore functionality. This project phase includes the following.

  • We'll set-up 1-2 persona elements; including pattern & profile cards
  • We'll assign profile cards to select content
  • We'll set-up goals & engagement values
  • We'll set-up 1 form (WFFM) and align them with the appropriate goals
  • We'll set-up 1 instance of personalization through Sitecore components that is driven by a tbd trigger (location, device, etc.)
  • We'll set-up 1 instance of personalization through Sitecore components that is driven by a persona
  • We'll set-up 1 multivariate test using content variables and (if available) design variables)
  • We'll set-up a 2 stage engagement plan that advances a site visitor through a tbd workflow.

What the process looks like

The typical project sequence looks something like this..

  • Set the team; on the Bonfire side and the organization side
  • Business input questionnaire
  • Site review (front end & back end)
  • Discovery workshop (3 - three hour sessions)
  • Strategy output documentation & implementation guidelines
  • Website implementation
  • Analytics review, website tuning, next steps

Project Awareness

  • This is a level 1 program, designed for the 85% of the organizations that haven't progressed past CEMM level II. If you're looking for advanced implementation of Sitecore let's talk about your custom needs.
  • This engagement requires that DMS functionality is implemented and configured to function per Sitecore's guidelines.
  • This is not a formal site audit. We'll share observations along the way, but the focus of this engagement is the development of a strategy and implementation of that strategy.
  • This is a hands-on engagement where we work as an embedded part of your team -- This is not group training. We limit strategy stakeholder involvement to 2-3 and implementation stakeholder involvement to 1-2. If you have specialized needs, we can tune this engagement to fit the needs of the organization.
  • We do one GoGuide engagement per month.