Sitecore Marketing Operations

Sitecore has a full suite of marketing and analytics functionality.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of Sitecore customers have yet to really use these tools execute against a digital strategy.  Bonfire helps marketing teams to build the necessary skills and configure Sitecore to meet their marketing objectives.

Bonfire’s Sitecore Marketing Operations options include;

  • Profile / persona configuration

  • Personalization

  • Page & component test configuration

  • Engagement plan set-up

  • Event, goal & outcome set-up

  • Engagement value configuration

  • Analytics configuration – Experience Analytics & Path Analyzer

  • Experience database (xDB) configuration

  • Email Experience Manager (eXM) configuration

  • Program advisory & oversight

For marketing teams that are just getting acquainted with Sitecore, Bonfire offers its GoGuide service. This is an introductory overview of the Sitecore XP suite that includes marketing functionality configuration in your system. 

Bonfire has deep marketing operations experience within the following verticals;

  • Consumer brand / Retail: customer segmentation, persona development, user journey mapping, Sitecore marketing functions

  • B2B: Account based marketing, lead scoring, funnel set-up

  • Membership / Association: Member engagement optimization, member journey mapping