A critical tenet of Sitecore’s value proposition is the ability to quantifiably measure customer engagement throughout the user journey.  That’s based on measuring the customer’s quality of experience through engagement value points. 

When you meet with a customer online, you are essentially engaging in a conversation. An exchange of communication and commitment is taking place. Every website has these critical points of engagement where your customer performs a commitment exchange. These are points that increase the visitor’s engagement, where the visitor and vendor build trust and communication. These are the points that we capture and measure in the Engagement Value. - Sitecore

Sitecore’s engagement analytics can be found in the following Experience Platform controls.

Experience Analytics

The Experience Analytics dashboard is the primary interface for reporting on customer engagement.  Sitecore has stated that their goal with the Experience Analytics dashboard is to eliminate the need for Google Analytics or any third party analytics solutions.  From within Experience Analytics the market can gain insights on: 

Audience:  Devices, languages, locations, pattern matches

Acquisition:  Channels, campaigns, keywords, referring sites

Behavior:  Assets, outcomes, internal search, pages, page URLS

Conversions:  Conversions, goals

Path Analyzer

The Path Analyzer enables marketers to create maps that visualize the paths that customers take as they navigate through your website.  Marketers can see the paths that customer take while interacting with campaigns, and on their way to converting on goals and events.

Marketers can create new maps to track different types of experiences customers have on the way to content such as campaigns or digital assets.

The Path Analyzer shows which paths have the most traffic, which paths provide the highest engagement value, and which provide the highest engagement value per visit or efficiency. This enables marketers to gain insight into which contact experiences on your website work efficiently, and which content is less efficient and could be optimized.

Experience Profile

The Experience Profile is the dashboard into the xDB and is covered in our xDB page of the Sitecore deep dive.  Within the Experience Profile marketers can view engagement value down to the individual customer level.  For a specific customer a marketer can view activity against a timeline, overall engagement value, engagement value per visit and an inventory of all outcomes, goals and campaigns that have been triggered.