The Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) is a big data repository that captures customer interactions, connecting them to create a comprehensive, unified view of the individual customer. It makes more data available to marketers in real-time, for automated interactions across all channels.  Designed for high scalability, Sitecore’s data-optimized cloud platform allows marketers to focus on individual customers and interactions, without any lingering data management concerns.

The xDB is the single most important technology component within the Sitecore Experience Platform.  It’s what enables us to put the customer at the center of everything we do.  Digitally mature organizations will use xDB to collect customer interactions across a wide variety of channels, including; web, native mobile apps, POS, CRM, email management and any other customer facing line of business applications.

The xDB is able to collect customer data at scale through the use of a Mongo No SQL database model.  The architecture supports high performance at scale with virtually limitless data acquisition capabilities.

A reporting layer enables the business to view summarized data and gain consumer insights directly from within Sitecore.  It also supports the use of reporting / data discovery tools as simple as Microsoft Excel to advanced BI solutions like Tableau.