Many marketers can only dream of delivering a personalized, tailored experience to their customers. The type of experience that takes into account the context of how the customer last interacted with their brand. You know your buyers deserve it—even demand it—but the best you can supply is a siloed, segmented, automated flow of communication.To deliver on the promise of context marketing, we need experience management capabilities coupled with content management capabilities.  The Sitecore Experience Platform delivers both, the empowering marketers to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Profiles and pattern cards

At the heart of experience management is a notion of profiles and patterns.   Content is tagged with profile attributes. As visitors consume that tag contents, they begin to develop a pattern. That pattern information is then used to tailor messaging through personalization and engagement plans.


Personalization is built into every contents component within Sitecore. Content can be personalized based on explicit rule criteria or on implicit pattern matching. Any contents can be personalized; Page text, photos, contact forms, etc.


Website A/B and multivariate testing is already built into the Experience Editor for business users.  Rather than only counting clicks, Sitecore measures how engaged your visitors are. Understand which components best drive visitors toward goals and lead to higher experience analytics, rather than just measuring click-through activity. Use a consistent metric across all tests that brings together the quality of engagement with how many people engaged.

Engagement plans

An engagement plan is a predefined plan that automates interaction with your visitors. You use engagement plans to nurture relationships with your contacts by adapting communication to use the content, channels, and media that are appropriate for each individual interaction.

A well designed Sitecore implementation includes the use of engagement plans to properly segment visitors based on their site behavior, and to automate content delivery based on the visitor’s segmentation profile.